Fashion Exclusive



Fashion Exclusive’s core competence is bespoke events from fashion-shows to dinner-events.  The goal is to enhance the clients’ wishes and identity with a stylish sense of details, which include the development of a concept - to the execution.

 The concept is built on very strong collaboration relations, where the focus is to work closely and to maintain the relations. It is together with the collaboration partners Fashion Exclusive is building and financing the platform at Copenhagen Fashion Week, where designers and further collaboration partners can benefit from each other. Fashion Exclusive gives their partners strong cobranding opportunities by constantly developing new strategies for the future teamwork.

 The work during Copenhagen Fashion Week is the main platform for cobranding high-end lifestyle brands with selected fashion brands, and fashion in general. This has leaded us to expand to further events outside Copenhagen Fashion Week for several of the collaboration partners. The collaboration between Fashion Exclusive and Mercedes-Benz is along with Copenhagen Fashion Week, also counting a long line of exquisite launching events for Mercedes-Benz Denmark and from 2016 also in Sweden.